Facts about VoIP (ZDNet Research)

  • About 17.1 million subscribers currently use VoIP in the world; (US - 5.5 million, Europe - 2.8, and Asia Pac - 8.8)

  • By the end of 2009, the number of subscribers is expected to exceed 30 million

  • VoIP traffic was 72 billion minutes in 2005, and will more than double to 183 billion in 2006. Forecasts show the market basically doubling each year over the next few years

  • Shipments of business IP telephones to Asia/Pacific will top 16 million units in 2011, reflecting a compound annual growth rate of 26%. Revenue from graphical display IP telephones will reach $649 million in the same year,

  • 72% of businesses expect to migrate mobile voice and data applications to an IP network by the end of 2008.

  • 60% of small and medium business to buy VoIP by 2011.

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